First Rain of the Past
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“Never mind. I forgot it…” Pause and glances to the other with a sigh. “and -san makes me feel like an old man. Just use ‘G.’, Ugetsu.” He stated after with another stretch. “Hmm…”

Asari raised an eyebrow slightly but decided that it would be best not to comment about how habits being hard to break.  By now, the rain was starting to pick up and even he knew it was not good to stay out any longer.  ”G.-Sa…  G.-S…  G., I believe we should be making our way to somewhere dryer.”  He said calmly, his gaze going up to the sky briefly before falling back to the other.

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*casually glomps*

-Is casually glomped-

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“Most likely” He stated, stretching some and relaxing back, glancing over to Asari with a paused moment of consideration… “Mm… sometimes rain can be annoying for me though. It tends to come down when I least want it to…” He stated with a yawn. “Ugetsu?” He started, considering over something… there was something he kind of wanted to ask the other… but he wasn’t certain how to word it…

The Japanese man turned around slightly and tilted his head slightly in a questioning gesture.  ”Yes G.-San?”  He asked.  He was slightly confused as to why the other had called out to him as he had made it clear he didn’t wish to be out in the rain anymore than necessary.

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G. swore to himself when he heard the other male get up and start towards him, grumbling to himself as he had to stop and turn to the dark haired male at the sound of his voice, expression a little more than annoyed now… especially when the honorific the Japanese male used made him feel old like always even though he was just in his upper twenties. “Hello Ugetsu… I was practicing my shooting back there” He motioned to the building in the distance behind him “I was hoping to make it back home before the rain started but it seemed to have other ideas… so now I’m soaked because of it… anyway… I’m guessing you were meditating out here? Or something.”

Asari gave a nod, a soft smile on his face.  “Yes I was.  It was so peaceful earlier that it was the ideal time to meditate.”  He replied back.  His eyes drifted to the sky then.  “The rain is so soothing is it not?  I find it perfect to meditate in as well.”  He said wistfully as he turned his attention back to the other with him.  “If you are heading back, I will accompany you.  It is probably time for dinner about now do you think?”  He asked as he turned in the direction of the Vongola estate.

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Black: “Something I did embarrassingly…?  Well…  I do remember when I was learning to speak Italian for the first time I would accidentally say something wrong and end up saying a swear word or two due to them being easy to pick up…  I must say that I was not too happy to learn I had when I was told…  I believe that, that is the most embarrassing things for me.”

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“It is kind of nice… peaceful certainly.” It was a nice change… he let loose a light breath as his crimson gaze scanned the sky for a few long moments of silence before he returned it to Asari. “Come on. Drinks are cheaper the earlier you get there. Let’s go, hmm?”

Asari nodded in agreement.  “You are correct.”  He said with a small smile.  “Such topics are not for the type of atmosphere that we are seeking.”  With that said he looked up at the sky overhead, his smile grew a bit more as he watched a few birds flying by.  “I am still in awe of how beautiful the sky looks today.”  He mused as he turned his gaze forward again to watch the people walking and working around them. “It is kind of nice… peaceful certainly.” It was a nice change… he let loose a light breath as his crimson gaze scanned the sky for a few long moments of silence before he returned it to Asari. “Come on. Drinks are cheaper the earlier you get there. Let’s go, hmm?” Asari nodded and waved the other onwards. “Of course. You would know since I usually do not go out for drinks.” He said with a soft smile. He, of course, was not completely sure where the bar actually was.