First Rain of the Past
Open Post



Asari nodded.  “That sounds like a good plan.”  He agreed, he too was looking around, his eyes moving over everything.  “So not much has changed while I have been away?  That is good…  I am gone so often I have not truly had a time when I could visit.”  He stated conversationally after having made sure that the area was clear of any threats.  As the two left the mansion he looked up at the sky and smiled at the clearness of it.  Today was perfect for going out.

Even after he too saw everything was clear, he continued to sweep his gaze around on occasion as he looked ahead and in the direction they were going. “Yeah, the town never changes much really… and well you have time to now, right?” He asked as he stretched a bit and relaxed his stance but he didn’t drop his alertness, not at all. He never truly did after all, as he was ever the cautious man.

Asari let out a small laugh.  “That is true.  And for now, yes, I do have time.  For that small gift I am thankful.”  He said, his eyes closing with a smile.  He felt somewhat more relaxed around the other and thus he let his guard slip the tiniest of amounts.  He was still aware of his surroundings, but with G. with him, there was enough caution to last a lifetime.  “I do wish I could stay home more often though.”  He muttered wishfully into the air.